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  • You think of the best coach in any situation the names that comes up is that of Manish Pharasi. My association with Manish goes back more than a decade when he helped me launch a part of my business by conducting an open session of close to 200 people in Singapore. The confidence & aplomb with which he conducted the session was exemplary. Manish continued to add lot of value to all my clients when we got associated for few years when he was doing freelancing work. In addition to his hard skills in Six Sigma & Lean what stood out were his sessions on driving ‘Personal Excellence’ which he aptly calls as ‘IncredibleU’ Workshops. He is one of the best in the field and I can confidently say that having watched him closely and even having benefited from his workshop myself. His ability to make a people connect and give highly practical solutions is outstanding. In his ‘IncredibleU’ workshops he meticulously covers all what it takes for an individual to become his “best version”. These principles are effective in leadership development of any organization.

     – CEO of a top Consulting Company in Singapore

  • Manish is a life coach with a difference. His exceptional clarity on various concepts and the practical application of those to suit your needs, situations and circumstances sets him apart from others. He is a passionate trainer, prolific writer and an eloquent orator. His IncredibleU workshop demonstrates his mastery over turning powerful concepts into interesting, easy to understand and pragmatic techniques which can be implemented by anyone. His workshop and follow up actions post that have tremendously benefitted me personally. Implement his simple yet powerful IncredibleU Principles and improve in every sphere of your life.”

     – Consultant at a Leading MNC

  • I have seen Manish’s contribution in his professional arena for close to two decades. He has special ability to make people go deep within and unearth their real potential. I have personally witnessed him changing individuals, teams and groups to achieve significant transformation. He has great ability to not only develop powerful concepts and frameworks but also a great ability to simplify them and make them easy to apply. His IncredibleU workshops are full of energy and power packed and its a real pleasure to see people changing their thinking in front of your eyes!”

     – Chief Technology Officer at  a Leading Organization , New York, US

  • We have accepted the need for a coach in high performance settings like the field of competitive sports. The modern life is a minefield where many lay injured and unable to lift themselves up. Thanks to life transformation coaches like Manish Pharasi, there are options available. Mr Pharasi uses simple and practical tools to diagnose and identify corrective actions. Using his tools it is possible to decipher the subconscious mind driving the conscious mind ‘s emotions and thinking. He then guides you to look at the situation in a different way allowing us to remodel our life ‘s tricky situations. His style is quite anecdotal and non-sermonizing. I have personally benefited by attending his powerful IncredibleU workshop. The IncredibleU principles covered in the workshop helped me phrase my situation clearly and brought clarity to help my decision making. I would certainly recommend Mr. Pharasi’s powerful workshop  to those looking to help themselves.”

     – Client Partner at a Leading IT Organization in India

  • I had an opportunity to attend one of Manish’s Life Skills workshop titled “IncredibleU”. The workshop broadly focused on assessing/changing one’s state of mind, thoughts, responses and belief system through some proven techniques. Various concepts were shared like – VAK concept, Neurological Alignment, Anchoring To Past, Outcome Frame vs. Blame Frame & Perceptional Positions, which benefited us in self-evaluation of our state of mind which when influenced, can lead to positive results & experiences. The session was well designed and had examples pertinent to topics being covered. Small group size and individual attention were extremely helpful to learning. Concepts were demoed, then performed together as well as individually. Many useful tips were offered, and hands on experience assisted in my understanding of the topics covered. Manish is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful trainer. With his unique yet humble style of training, he commands a strong acceptance & engagement from the group. His thorough knowledge of these life skills was impressive. He always took care to answer our questions and clear any doubts before proceeding. 

    Thanks a lot Manish and I look forward to attending other IncredibleU workshops in the future.”

     – Consultant in World’s Top HR Consulting Firm

  •  “Manish is an out of box thinker who actually conceptualized “IncredibleU Principles” as a practice in the most simplistic manner ,even the left brain thinkers can easily swallow the intent and guidelines without a mind-pause. The course and techniques have benefited me immensely in understanding larger perspectives and why’s. Would strongly recommend it as a regular course going forward for each one..
    I have used these techniques to understand reasons behind actions and bigger purposes.. Hope this reaches to larger audiences and others can reap benefits too.”

     – Consultant in World’s Top HR Consulting Firm

  •  “Manish has been a fascinating coach, mentor and personal guide to me. His unique ability to break down the most complex problems into simple and easy-to-understand concepts is phenomenal! An avid reader, thinker, listener and captivating story-teller, Manish has the gentle art of gliding people to their Eureka moments! I had so many Eureka moments while attending his IncredibleU workshop. ”

     – DGM-Marketing at India’s Largest Telecom Company

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