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  • IncredibleU Workshop (2 day)

    This is an industry tested and powerful program on ‘personal excellence’ that has proven it’s worth enabling individuals to become and live as their ‘best versions’ everyday.

    The workshop invokes changes in participants at a ‘cellular’ level and completely transforms their ‘subconscious blueprint’ related to success in every key aspect of their lives viz:- career, wealth, health, relationships, spirituality and fulfillment.

    The 2 Day intense “Incredible U” workshop brings world class tools, principles and techniques to create a lasting change in the attendees and puts them on track to become and live as their “best versions” every day.  The workshop is divided into 2 parts:

    • First part talks about the two “Foundational Principles” upon which the entire philosophy of “Incredible U” rests. These are “Understanding Brain’s Plasticity” and “Getting Access to Infinite Intelligence” within.
    • The second part is about understanding, practicing and successfully installing “12 Incredible U Principles” within an Individual through powerful, proven and practical methods, frameworks and tools. The workshop works at a “cellular” level change and aims at changing the “subconscious blueprint” of success.

    The Incredible You Workshop would empowers individuals with strategies that would help them achieve much more in less time and without struggling or stretching. The workshop would ingrain deep within them all the Principles of being the “Best version” of them. The workshop is designed in a manner that it keeps participants in a peak state and makes a strong Imprint on their unconscious mind such that the ‘Incredible You’ principles become permanently itched in their minds.

    Who should attend it?

    Individuals who want to make a difference and create an impact in this world!

    • Corporate employees from entry level to senior management who want to accelerate their success in career
    • Millennials who want to boost their energies and achieve their goals faster in life
    • Entrepreneurs who want to turn their passions and desires into a ‘Purpose’
    • Any other individual who want to discover their hidden potential and become their best version in life

    Benefits for Attendees

    The workshop learnings once implemented is known to yield the following benefits:

    • Convert Desires into Tangible Outcomes
    • Enabling defining of tangible goals and increasing the rate of achievement by at least two times
    • A complete change in subconscious blueprint related to any priority in life:
    • Mastery over powerful tools to attract wealth and achieve any goal
    • Power to change one’s mental State at will
    • A 60- day Self Improvement Plan to carry forth the learnings from the session
    • Doubling the rate of achievement of financial goals
    • Access to powerful communication techniques to expedite career growth
    • Enhanced ability to Live in Peak Energy State right through the day
    • Lifelong access to powerful mind tools to reach peak state of happiness, confidence, passion, motivation at will.


  • Goal Setting Program (1 day)

    Our Goal Setting Program rests on 3 solid Pillars

    • A robust framework to align Business Priorities to Market Dynamics and Organizational Vision.
    • A staunch SWOT Analysis.
    • An Approach to derive Individual ‘SMART’ goals linked to ‘Organizational Vision’.


    Key Strengths of our Goal Setting Methodology

    • Clarity on what are the desired outcomes.
    • Why we want the outcomes we have defined.
    • Creation of a robust action plan aligned to the vision.
    • Strong follow up and course correction methodology to ensure that outcomes are reached.


  • Change Management Workshop (1 day)

    This is a powerful 1 day Change Management workshop that aims to change the ‘mental blueprint’ of the participants in relation to any change effort that they are working on. The workshop is meticulous blend of both right and left brain techniques and has proven to equip the participants to act as powerful catalysts and change agents to be at the forefront of the change efforts.

    Objectives/ Outcomes/ Key Topics

    The workshop enables the participants to understand:

    • How to assess a change situation objectively
    • Method to understand what kind of resistance is being offered to change
    • How to define an inspiring ‘change vision’
    • How to create a robust change management strategy aligned to change vision
    • How to create an executable change management plan
    • How to effectively influence beliefs, values and identities to drive lasting change
    • How to identify, define and track the metrics that would be impacted by the change effort

    Who should attend it?

    • All key members driving the change effort: people responsible & accountable to drive change should form major chunk of participants. Should also include some of the key members who are impacted by the change.
    • In case of merger/ acquisition scenarios the key members of both organizations.




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