We deliver talks on following topics:

Power of ‘You’ :

Manish has an uncanny ability to stimulate an audience and change their state in a matter of minutes. He is a great ‘story teller’ and has a track record of mesmerizing the audience with his stimulating and useful insights that lead to individuals becoming and living as their “best versions”. Manish has delivered this talk in multiple organizations and educational Institutions.  This talk revolves around his best-selling book “Unveil the Incredible You” and has been capturing audience interest in a big way.

Be the Change :

Manish specializes in delivering this talk. Having an experience of 22+ years working on Transformation Projects globally has given him a deep insight on how change works at every level. In this talk we cover the ‘Six Golden Rules’ to effectively drive any type of change. This stimulating talk is apt in today’s scenario where every Organization and Institution is caught in the midst of a change and it’s pertinent to understand how to drive it most effectively.

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